Nimmer Showcase

Anne Margary

Project Manager, Product Manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner

Anti-Bias App

Project Management Skills:

Asana, ClickUp, Confluence, Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Jira,, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Notion, Trello

Project Software Development Skills:

UI/UX Design Skills:

About Me:

With a rich background as a human rights lawyer in Eastern Europe and as the entrepreneurial force behind a Canadian immigration consulting business, I've mastered the art of navigating complex scenarios and deeply understanding varied user requirements. These skills seamlessly translate into the tech industry, particularly in a product manager role, where the art of balancing user perspectives with business outcomes is crucial. Known for thriving under pressure, I bring a unique skill set to the table: effective team communication, adept stakeholder engagement, and a knack for fostering collaborative and efficient product development environments. This combination of legal acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, and a passion for innovative, ethical tech solutions positions me uniquely as a product manager. I'm not just about meeting targets: I'm about creating tech products that resonate with users and drive forward business success.

My Experience at NIM:

I joined NIM with a keen interest in delving deeper into the realm of product management. As a Product Manager, I take on multiple roles, including Product Owner and Scrum Master. My responsibilities encompass guiding the team, facilitating Scrum practices, and ensuring efficient task completion as a servant leader. I'm actively engaged in shaping our product's description, vision, strategy, and OKRs, while also overseeing product discovery and development. My primary aim is to advance my expertise in product management and make a valuable contribution to NIM's success.