Nimmer Showcase

Project Management Skills:

Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Trello

Project Software Development Skills:

Axios, Bootstrap, C#, CSS, Express, Javascript, JQuery, MySQL, Node.js, PHP, PostgreSQL, React.js/Vue.js, SCSS, Tailwind.css, Typescript

UI/UX Design Skills:

Adobe Photoshop, Blender, Figma

About Me:

An enthusiastic and passionate software developer, I strive to create efficient software which provides engaging, user-friendly experiences. As a full stack developer, I find just as much fulfillment in making things look good and interact well on the front end, as I do writing functions and algorithms, and working with complex data structures on the back end. My knowledge and experience includes, but isn’t limited to, React JS, Next JS, Vue JS, Tailwind CSS, Node, Express, SQL, PHP, C#, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. As a dedicated software developer, I am always exploring and learning new languages, frameworks, and libraries. As a creative polymath, I have been a student and practitioner of a number of disciplines, including visual arts, performing arts, game design and development, music composition, graphic design, and creative writing. My professional history is eclectic, but consists primarily of having worked as an educator of programming fundamentals using JavaScript and Python as well as an educator of visual arts. My history of software development and teaching coding allowed me to develop impeccable attention to detail and problem solving skills, as well as high standards for clean, efficient, well organized code.

My Experience at NIM:

I joined NIM to attain more experience building software in a collaborative environment while continuing to develop my skills. Having worked as a solo developer for over 6 years, I'm actively seeking experience working as part of a team, building exciting new software, learning from my peers, and expanding my horizons by feeding off of my teammates' creativity.