Nimmer Showcase

Fareida Naya

Front End Developer, UI/UX Designer

Contractor Database

Project Management Skills:

Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Trello

Project Software Development Skills:

Bootstrap, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, Node.js, React.js/Vue.js, SCSS, Wordpress

UI/UX Design Skills:

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe XD, Figma

About Me:

I have +9 years of experience as a Graphic Designer, but three years ago I discovered my passion for Web Development, since then I have worked as a Front End Developer. I enjoy learning and discovering new ways to develop my work, as well as facing new challenges that allow me to expand my skills and try new technologies. Currently I prefer to work as a Front End Developer, but I believe that my bases and experiences as a Graphic Designer have helped me to have a broader view of projects, as well as to recognize the importance of both the design process and the development process.

My Experience at NIM:

I joined NIM because I like the idea of being able to keep learning by creating interesting and fun projects. I have worked on the LIBI project as a front-end developer, implementing React.js. Currently I'm working on the Contractor Database as a UI/UX designer and front-end developer using Figma. Some of the skills that I have developed by being part of the NIM team are communication , team work skills and flexibility