Nimmer Showcase

Project Management Skills:

Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Drive, Jira, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Word, Trello

Project Software Development Skills:

Bootstrap, CSS, Express, Javascript, Jest, Microsoft SQL Server, MongoDB, MySQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Postman, React.js/Vue.js, Redux, SCSS, Tailwind.css, Typescript

UI/UX Design Skills:

Miro, Whimsical

About Me:

I have been fascinated by technology since I was very young. I started my career in Telematics Engineering, working in technical support at a large bank for four years. This experience taught me how to listen and solve everyday user problems. Later, I became a mother and spent four years raising my children, a transformative experience that increased my patience and capacity to love.
 After taking a break to focus on my family, I returned to work in education at a cultural arts center in the Dominican Republic. There I created educational programs that used art and culture to help students develop essential soft skills. During this time, I rediscovered my passion for technology as the technical department worked on the museum's website. And so I did. In 2018, I decided to become a web developer, and today, after a few years of learning and practice, I can proudly say that I am a Full Stack software developer.

My Experience at NIM:

Joining NIM has surpassed my learning expectations. Working in diverse teams with UI/UX designers, Project Managers, and software developers has been invaluable. Managing two projects simultaneously has expanded my tech skills and reinforced my college learning. I'm sincerely thankful to NIM's team, specially to Rea and Julie, for this enriching opportunity.