Nimmer Showcase

Project Management Skills:

MS Excel, MS Excel Macros

Project Software Development Skills:

Bootstrap, CSS, Express, Javascript, Jest, JQuery, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Postman, React.js/Vue.js, Redux, Tailwind.css, Typescript

UI/UX Design Skills:

About Me:

After working in finance and a period as a stay-at-home Dad, I’m finally following my passion and starting life as a developer. I've know for a long time that I'm meant to be a coder: it brings me enjoyment, challenge and frustration like nothing else (except, maybe, my kids!). Upon moving to Canada in 2002, I enrolled at the Institut Superieur d’Information in Montreal to obtain a collegial diploma in Systems Integration (and learn some French!). However, upon graduation, difficulties in obtaining a work permit pushed me towards the financial sector. Undeterred, I had soon earned the nickname ‘tech guy’, learned Excel VBA, and was spending the majority of my time automating processes and analysis reports! My transition back to the workplace has begun with a Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs. This has been a really enjoyable way to bring my skills up to date and has given me plenty of hands-on experience building and testing apps and web sites. With everything in place, I’m now eagerly awaiting an opportunity to put my passion and skills to work on a real-world project.

My Experience at NIM:

Upon graduating from the Bootcamp, I quickly realized how tough the job market is for Junior Dev positions. I have been trying to better position myself for an opportunity by improving myself on two fronts. The first is by learning new skills that compliment my existing knowledge, such as TypeScript and React Redux. The second is the ability to put these skills into practice and to work efficiently as part of a development team - Hello NIM! I feel that NIM has created an awesome framework to achieve this second goal. We have a project with a real-world client, who’s idea has the potential to go to market, and I’m part of a talented team who are working collaboratively to get us there. I’m putting my existing skills to use and learning new things too, such as integrating AI with the project’s back-end. Exciting stuff and a great way to keep on improving!