The tech talent you have been looking for - risk-free

Experience seamless project execution with Nimmers, expertly matched to your business culture and skill needs. With mentor-backed support, we offer risk-free tech talent, empowering new tech professionals and turning your ideas into reality.

MVP Saas Web design e-commerce Database solutions Software Blockchain Marketplaces Mobile Applications MVP Saas Web design e-commerce Database solutions Software Blockchain Marketplaces Mobile Applications

MVP Saas Web design e-commerce Database solutions Software Blockchain Marketplaces Mobile Applications MVP Saas Web design e-commerce Database solutions Software Blockchain Marketplaces Mobile Applications

How It Works

Whether you’re looking to enhance your existing team or have a project but lack the technical resources to execute it, we’re here to assist. Our expertise extends to providing a range of skilled resources, whether it’s an individual or an entire software team that can be contracted to your company.

What sets New Idea Machine apart is that the resources we match to your requirements become an integral part of your team. At the project’s conclusion, or at any point during its execution, you have the option to directly hire these team members onto your payroll. It’s akin to a ‘try-before-you-buy’ opportunity, ensuring a seamless fit for your needs.

NIM opens the tech talent funnel with an entirely new idea

Collaborative Team Building

NIM enriches Calgary’s tech community by connecting businesses with the diverse new perspectives and skills of an untapped talent pool. NIM’s collaborative approach to hiring and team building accelerates industry knowledge and quickly advances tech talent from “junior” to “intermediate” to “senior”.

Mentorship Hotline

NIM supports a collaborative community of new tech talent with a team of senior industry professionals who guide junior Nimmers while they work on customer projects.

Customisable Teams

Clients can build scalable teams with instant access to a pool of high-quality
candidates who are capable of adapting and growing to suit the needs of a project or company culture. If there’s a great fit, the client is empowered to hire the Nimmer permanently.

Trusted Partners

NIM partners with organizations that share our values. Calgary’s top reskilling bootcamps and direct-learning experience programs are led by industry experts and produce unparalleled tech talent who are eager to contribute to the ecosystem.

Talented Community

Nimmers have up-to-the-minute expertise in their chosen field. They are continuous learners; passionate, motivated individuals who have experience working in teams and the skills to solve real world problems.

We are more than just a tech company; we're a catalyst for social impact

A shortage of senior tech talent is making it challenging for businesses to attract and retain talent. Simultaneously many seasoned professionals are pivoting into tech but are lacking experience in their chosen field. New Idea Machine is here to bridge the gap between new tech talent and businesses in need of their services. 

We match talented software developers, UI/UX designers, and product managers to your business based on skills and culture fit. Unlike talent agencies, New Idea Machine supports new tech talent with a team of industry professionals to ensure that your team’s momentum is uninterrupted. You get the talent you need without the risk. 

Join us today and experience the power of collaboration, innovation, and transformation. Discover how New Idea Machine can support the full potential of your business while nurturing the growth of talented professionals in the innovation ecosystem.



Enjoy the passion of career pivoting newly graduated developers, overseen by experienced industry leaders.


Ample talent resources available to ensure there is the right fit. Passionate life-long learners who are just looking for you to give them an opportunity to shine.

Reduced Risk

Some clients come to us because they have been let down by other software companies. Our open and transparent processes makes working with us a reassuring experience.

Try Before You Hire

Often, our clients find their NIM tech talent to be a wonderful fit and ultimately hire them directly for permanent employment. That makes us happy.




Al Del Degan

Educated in Computer Science, Al has spent the last 27 years working in technical roles from software development, business analysis, and project management to various executive leadership positions. For the past few years, Al has been shouting from the rooftops about the value new developers bring to the innovation ecosystem. He sees a current gap between companies looking for work experience and the ability of new developers to gain that experience. New Idea Machine is his answer to how to fill that gap.


Rea Hailley

Rea is a leader in customer success, business development, and project management, with 20 years of experience. She creatively and efficiently gets shit done! Rea builds solid relationships for long-term mutual success and is passionate about working with organizations to achieve their goals. Helping to provide an opportunity to new developers to start their careers, Rea says, will have lasting benefits to the innovation ecosystem.


Carol Sun

Carol Sun is a confident leader who invests her time supporting, building, and guiding a dynamic group of people towards triumph in the innovation ecosystem. She epitomises integrity, energy, and creative service in every detail in the communication realm. Carol has over 20 years of experience in strategic and corporate communications. Most known for her great motivational and inspirational support, she holds over 8 years of experience in People Relations, placing the right talents where they belong. Carol does not discount anyone from an opportunity!


Brian Sauco

Brian spent over five years honing his culinary skills, studying at SAIT's Culinary Arts Program His journey into the tech industry was inspired by his sister's success and support in this field. The vast creative possibilities in software development initially drew him in, but it was the love for problem-solving that truly captured his heart. Brian aspires to share this passion and knowledge with others, enlightening them on the beauty of software development—the same way he delights in creating a dish for someone he cares about, with love and dedication.


Julie Weir

A relentless problem solver by nature, Julie is highly adaptable, solutions-focused, and thrives when faced with challenges. With a background of more than 15 years in the restaurant industry, and a recent transition to full-stack software development, Julie has proven her skills and expertise, while working in demanding and high-pressure environments. She is an excellent communicator, collaborator, and highly effective when working in a team.


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